Doug Box
Doug Box
Doug Box
Master Photographer
Photographic Craftsman
Certified Professional Photographer

Doug has taught at seminars and conventions in 49 states in the U.S. plus Canada, Mexico, Scotland, Wales, England, China, Denmark, Ireland and on 5 cruise ships. He was chosen to teach at the International Wedding Institute and has taught at 18 different PPA Affiliate week-long schools. He is one of only 13 Kodak Mentors. He is only one of four people in the history of PPA to earn over 1,000 PPA Merits and is an invited member of the prestigious CameraCraftsmen group, one of only 40 in the world.

He is Past President of Texas Professional Photographers Assoc. (TPPA) and currently the Executive Director of  TPPA. He has served as Executive Director ASP (American Society of Photographers) , Published ASP Magazine,  and is currently on the PPA Board.

He is the owner of Texas Photographic Workshops, an internationally recognized educational facility where he and his wife LaVelda host photographers from around the country teaching all levels of photography. He is an award winning photographer who has owned very successful studios in Houston, Brenham and Caldwell. Doug was a Photographic Manager for the Inauguration of George H W. Bush, DC – Ballroom. Doug was interviewed twice for articles in Redbook Magazine.

His articles and images have graced the pages of most professional photographic publications. He is the author of “The Power of Business” marketing systems and has written several books including “Professional Secrets of  Children’s Photography”, “Professional Secrets of Photographing Weddings”, “Natural Light Photography” and “Posing for Portrait Photographers”, “Flash Photography – On Camera and Off Camera”, published by Amherst Publishing.

Besides all his photographic accolades, Doug is an avid outdoors-man. He has hiked the mountains of Montana, Wyoming, and North Carolina. He has climbed the Grand Teton, canoed in Alaska, Kayaked in British Colmbia to photograph bears catching salmon as well as fly fished in Yellowstone.

His students claim Doug is the cross between an stand up comedian and a Baptist preacher. He is one the most fun and easy to learn from instructor you will ever encounter.

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Randy Kerr photo by Doug Box
Randy Kerr
Randy has photographed Texas and national public servants along with grand opening of events such as The National Wildflower Research Center, The Bob Bullock State history museum of Texas history, The Austin Convention center along with many Texas families and friends. Randys photographs hang in 27 countries around the world and have seen on ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings along with NBC Today Show and the History Channel. In 1996 while digital photography was changing the face of how the masses take photographs, Randy decided to go another direction while digital gear was being perfected, changed his lifestyle and moving into a army tent in the Bastrop forest of Texas to study light for three years. He began interfacing with light by clearing 11 meadows that have a visual relationship with the earth, light and the lens of a camera.

Randy Kerr wrote the Game of Light and developed the global award winning Westway Method of Photography and was encourage to teach this methodology for four years at The Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas by Dr. Steven Windhanger. His unique form of teaching and personal way with words convey simplicity and clarity to the sometimes confusing photographic terminologies.It is about how you walk into light and evaluate what is present Randys focus is to educate film-makers and photographers on how to achieve quality light in image capture, while exposing meaningful humanitarian topics and the environmental necessity of green living. Recent work include the Light of Congo documentary and book. This product was created in partnership with the village of Luebo Congo and the Luebo Partnership of University Presbyterian Church of Austin Texas and serves as a fundraiser to restore the historic First Presbyterian church of Luebo.

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